Olga, 2012

Publicado em: 2 de junho de 2014

Sochi, RUSSIA, 2012 – Olga, 29, is the manager of strip club ‘Art Klub’ in hotel Zhemchuzhina (Pearl) in the centre of Sochi. She has been dancing since she was 9 years old. She hates it when people don’t understand that this is a form of art as well. Her dream is to start a family and have babies, she says. But whatever happens: she will continue dancing…What is your name?.Olga (Manager)..How old are you?.29..Where were you born?.Ukraine, Severodonetsk..Where did you learn this job?.By myself, I was dancing since I was 9 years old…How long do you do this job?.8 years now..What do you like most and what don’t you like about your job?.I likes to dance. I don’t like people who do not understand this form of art…What do you earn more or less with this job?.I can not say. I am not complaining. I earn enough…Do you consider this as a summer job?.I work here all year, so for me it is not a summer job…Do you think you will work here as well during the Olympic Winter Games?.Yes..What is your biggest dream or your goal for the future?.To start a family and to have babies..