ZUM Magazine 5

The Last Trip

Chris Marker & Eduardo Escorel

French filmmaker CHRIS MARKER rides the Paris Metro in search of the faces of passengers. Chris Marker’s series of photographs Passengers, taken between 2008 and 2010, focuses on women, relegating men to the role of extras. Amongst the tired faces and bodies of these lone women on the Paris metro, the main characters are the sleeping […]

ZUM Magazine 5

Between Heaven and Hell

Alberto García-Alix & Cassiano Elek Machado

An eternal adventurer, the Spanish photographer ALBERTO GARCÍA-ALIX, who recorded the rebellious years of la movida madrileña, presents his new road companions Motorcycles arrived before photography in Alberto García-Alix’s life. He was 12 years old, not a sign of his trademark side-whiskers yet to be seen, when his parents gave him a yellow Ducati. The […]

ZUM Magazine 5

Pablo Escobar – The Album

James Mollison & Paulo Werneck

The British photographer and researcher James Mollison spent almost three years in colombian photography libraries and collections in search of the drug dealer. With images amassed from police collections and the principal newspapers, and from albums put together by his family and thugs, Mollison reconstructed Escobar’s life. The photographs reveal his public and private life, […]

ZUM Magazine 5

Free Fare

Cia de Foto & Eugênio Bucci

In an unpublished essay, made in Sao Paulo, CIA DE FOTO collective presents its own take on the demonstrations that took over the city during June 2013.   The boy’s bedroom window looked out over the jabuticaba trees, and as he was small, he could only gaze up through their branches from below. The window […]