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Ancestral machines

Renata Tupinambá & Zahy Tentehar

I am the meeting of two worlds: an ancestral world versus a “civilized” world. An encounter that clearly promotes a confrontation and ends buried by that civilization’s machines, where humans and machines merge into one body only. Where the eyes are machines of desire. We only desire what we see. We see the world from […]

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Adriana Lestido & Paloma Vidal

He is nobody´s, but therefore he is not a street dog either. Perhaps, more precisely, he’s a neighborhood dog, from that neighborhood, any neighborhood, which is what makes him unique, as well: if we’re to recognize him, we’ll need a few more very particular and precise details. And, even unitentionally, he can do it, like […]

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The papangu ate it

Nicolas Gondim & Natércia Pontes

My salvation, to write, to try to understand the monster. My daughter’s tooth, a little milk tooth, milky, tiny. My daughter’s smile, her sacred mouth still full of milk teeth, my treasure, my jewels, which are loose, will get lost somewhere, where will she go?, has she already been?, I can’t think properly, I’m shaken, […]

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The great time

Gê Viana & Dinho Araújo

Details of the jewels on the fingers, nails are spear tips. Closed fists clasp on the waist asking for equality. Let the high point be a dimension of energy favorable to us to break down and bring down greedy rockets. They do not go up, they turn into iron embers. At the great time they […]

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White etnography

Paulo Nazareth & Janaina Barros Silva Viana

The ambiguity of the circle In the beginning, there was Chaos; there was Everything and there was Nothingness as well. In Egyptian mythology, at the beginning of time, the Kemetic god of creation, Atum-Ra, the female and male cosmic origin, created the Universe in the form of an egg. The term “Egypt” means “land below […]

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Since that kiss

Eliana Alvez Cruz

I looked at you from the corner of my eye as you walked around the house. It was nice to follow your footsteps without you realizing it. The way you opened the book and licked your middle finger before turning the page. The way you took off your slippers and crossed your long legs on […]

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Fragments of a particular reality

Sidney Amaral & Luciara Ribeiro

Sidney Amaral was a restless artist. Committed to experimentation, study and technical refinement, he explored different languages and materialities while developing a unique style. His work provokes feelings of strangeness, by using sophisticated montages from which eroticism, irony, sensitivity and social criticism emerge. Amaral was able to access the depths of human life and was […]

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Memory needs to move ahead

Sandra Benites & Clarissa Diniz

Born in the indigenous territory of Porto Lindo in 1975 in the municipality of Japorã, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Sandra Ara Benites has a long history in education. She was a teacher, and worked in the administration of public education in Mato Grosso do Sul, Santa Catarina and Rio de Janeiro, […]

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Renata Felinto

The prohibitions applied to humans who differ from the white norm have been updated in order to ensure to the structures that control our bodies a supposed honesty attributed to science and monitoring and security technologies. The capture of presence, be it by visual or audiovisual means or through temperature sensing, motion detection, or other […]

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The body against the grid

Ana Maria Maia & Gretta Safarty

Since the mid 1970s, Gretta Sarfaty has resorted to several languages – photography, engraving, painting, performance, video – to critique the representation of women in society. Making use of the militancy arguments prevailing at the time or the resumption of the debate in the last decades, there is no doubt that her production can be […]