Trëma collective

(São Paulo/SP – 2013)

Trëma photo collective was founded by photographers Felipe Redondo, Gabo Morales, Leonardo Soares and Rodrigo Capote in 2013.  It is dedicated to documentary and editorial photography, producing stories that deal with themes concerning Brazil’s society, with a particular interest in identity, traditional and contemporary expressions of the communities.

The Memento project aims at reconstructing the memories of immigrants who have moved to Brazil in the last years. It compiles photos taken in Brazil and in their home countries.





Trëma has travelled to Colombia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo searching for these memories. Read about the project progress on their logbook:


#1: A soccer field at the Granizal neighborhood, Medellín

Bairro de Granizal, Medellín, Colômbia © Trëma


#2: Dust, sand and boredom in Apartadó

Apartadó, Colômbia. © Trëma


#3: A dramatic war in Carepa military base, Colombia

Base militar em Carepa, Colômbia. © Trëma


Democratic Republic of the Congo

#4: Welcome to Kinshasa

Bairro do Matété, Kinshasa, República Democrática do Congo. © Trëma


#5: Bones, larvae and sewage in Kinshasa biggest market

Mercado Central, Kinshasa, República Democrática do Congo. © Trëma


#6: The oil balm’s Prophet

Igreja Palavra do Senhor, Kinshasa, República Democrática do Congo. © Trëma


Besides that, in their research, the collective has been finding impressive people and stories, but not all of them will make to the final material. Along the process, they registered some of these characters in the ZUM website:

Partha Sarker, 38 


Christ Kamanda, 31: an engaged journalist is a deadly weapon


Visit Trëma collective’s website.