DJ Bruninho, São Paulo, Pio Figueiroa

Publicado em: 24 de June de 2014

DJ Bruninho has dedicated his life to the Funk. Resident of Cidade Tiradentes, east side of SP, is responsible for the production of various MC’s that walk to success in a cultural movement called “Funk Ostentação” that happens at the outskirt of São Paulo. It has been appearing in SP because of the new middle class and new ways of consumerism. The effect of aggressive advertisements, the possibility of realizing the dreams of consumption and have access to the same material goods that the traditional middle class already boasted gained new meanings when the working class families had access to important technologies such as computers, cell phones and a good internet connection. Funk Ostentação shows the eagerness of the working class to feel close, even symbolically, the lifestyle that you always been sold as ideal, but it was always denied.