ZUM Magazine 10

Motoboy Channel

Antoni Abad & Daigo Oliva

More than a decade ago, the Spanish artist ANTONI ABAD started Megafone.net, an internet channel for socially-discriminated groups, such as taxi drivers in Mexico City, immigrants in New York and prostitutes in Madrid. For the Brazilian version, Abad gave mobile phones with cameras to São Paulo motorbike messengers – “motoboys” – so that they could […]

ZUM Magazine 10

A Matter of Skin

Lorna Roth

Shirley cards and the racial standards that rule the visual industry.    THE MULTIPLE visual identities of Shirley, the “color balance girl,” first came to my attention in 1995 after a conversation with a buyer and seller of industrial machines in North America. He complained about a Kodak photo-processing lab that he had purchased at the […]

ZUM Magazine 10

A Certain Malaise

Lars Tunbjörk & Christian Caujolle

The Swedish LARS TUNBJÖRK was a master of colour and irony. In this tribute, ZUM presents the Office series and invites the critic CHRISTIAN CAUJOLLE to review the work and books of the photographer.  The Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk (1956-2015) began his career with black and white photography. In the late 1970s and early 80s, […]

ZUM Magazine 10

Inside ZUM #10

Tatewaki Nio, author of the cover photo of this edition, crossed the border with Brazil to photograph Bolivia’s amazing new architecture; professor Andreas Valentin revisits the work of José Oiticica Filho; the artist Odires Mlászho presents two different series with appropriated photographs; the journalist Dorrit Harazim reviews David Shields’ polemical book, War is Beautiful. Professor Lorna […]