ZUM Magazine 7

A Note on Vilém Flusser

Márcio Seligmann-Silva

Vilém Flusser was one of the most original philosophers of the second half of the 20th century. And it is only now that we are beginning to understand much of what he wrote in the 1980s. Born in 1920 in Prague, he took refuge in England in 1939. The following year he emigrated to Brazil, […]

ZUM Magazine 7

Where Did The Slave Quarters Go?

Mauricio Lissovsky

The new Brazilian edition of Gilberto Freyre’s classic book removed the slave quarters and the black slaves from its cover. Intrigued by the change, the history professor MAURICIO LISSOVSKY shows how the old slave quarters have lost their meaning of oppression and cruelty to become a place of enjoyment. The result of these shifts is […]

ZUM Magazine 7

Assis Horta’s Single Shot

Assis Horta & Dorrit Harazim

The nonagenarian photographer from Minas Gerais state immortalised the architectural heritage and the society of Diamantina. But his career got a new impulse in 1943, with the Labour Laws, promulgated by President Getúlio Vargas. When he made it compulsory for workers to have a work card with a photo, that was all that was needed […]