ZUM Magazine 10

Inside ZUM #10

Publicado em: Tuesday April 12th, 2016

Tatewaki Nio, author of the cover photo of this edition, crossed the border with Brazil to photograph Bolivia’s amazing new architecture; professor Andreas Valentin revisits the work of José Oiticica Filho; the artist Odires Mlászho presents two different series with appropriated photographs; the journalist Dorrit Harazim reviews David Shields’ polemical book, War is Beautiful. Professor Lorna Roth questions the neutrality of photographic technology and the racial patterns that rule the visual industry; an article on Motoboy Channel, a kind of image-based social network, discusses how digital tools can strengthen the identity of a group; Nicholas Nixon’s complete series of portraits The Brown Sisters; the condensed time in Michael Wesely’s images of the rebuilding of the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin; the incendiary production of Ukrainian Boris Mikhailov; and the uncanny, technicolour humour of Swede Lars Tunbjörk.

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