ZUM Magazine 8

Why Photobooks are Important

Gerry Badger

Organizer of a collection on the history of the photobook, GERRY BADGER demonstrates how, with these publications, photography expresses its true creative potential: a literary and narrative art form, which lies between film and romance. In recent years, there has been a focus of attention upon the photobook – a particular kind of photography book, […]

ZUM Magazine 8

The Art of Correcting Reality

Teixeira Coelho

Brazil Today is a series of four postcards booklets with images altered by Regina Silveira in 1977: one is dedicated to natural scenes; the second, to cities; the third, to birds; and the fourth, to the native Indians of Brazil. These 24 cards show Brazil in 1977 – which is pretty well the same, four […]

ZUM Magazine 8

A.C. d’Ávila, Passenger of Luz

Pedro Afonso Vasquez

Amidst the urban squalor that permeated the city of São Paulo in the 1980s, the photographer and filmmaker A. C. D’ÁVILA documented the everyday life at Estação da Luz, a railway station built in the 19th century in the neighbourhood of Luz [“light”, in Portuguese] in São Paulo, which symbolises the splendour of the old […]

ZUM Magazine 8

Sebastião Salgado, a Man of Contradictions

Francisco Quinteiro Pires

With Genesis, his most ambitious project so far, dedicated to portraying regions of the planet that foster nature at its untouched form or groups of humans that are isolated from civilization, Sebastião Salgado has attained unprecedented visibility for a Brazilian photographer. His entrepreneurial sense has transformed ten years of work into books, exhibitions and a […]