Revista ZUM 14

An exercise in perspective

Anna Bella Geiger & Laura Erber

The interweaving of video and photography in performance art in the 1970s contributed to the debate on identity, gender and the body, and brought to the fore works by female artists. In 1974, American theorist Rosalind Krauss proposed the psychoanalytical hypothesis that the speculative potential of video also includes the possibility of autoerotic exploitation. In […]

Revista ZUM 14

Inside ZUM #14

In this issue, photography shows the other, similar or different. See below ZUM #14’s visual summary: Back in the 20’s, the German missionary and anthropologist, Martin Gusinde, represented the indigenous in his pictures of the people from Tierra del Fuego. With his lenses, the researcher registered the religious ceremonies of the Selk’nam, Yaghan and Kawésqar, […]