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Killed negatives

Inês Costa

When thinking of American documentary photography of the 1930s, images such as Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother (1936) or Walker Evans’s portrait of Allie Mae Burroughs titled Alabama Tenant Farmer Wife (1936) immediately come to mind. Symbols of the migrant workers’ struggle during the Great Depression in America, the two works represent a crucial moment for […]

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The amazonian man

Éder Oliveira & Daniela Labra

The dark-eyed young man seems exhausted. “Caboclo”, of mixed native Brazilian and white descent, he has the toughened look and posture of a fragile body. These subjects, anonymous and of a similar physical type, are seen by society as outcasts and are the protagonists of the paintings of Éder Oliveira. Born in Timboteua, a town […]

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An exercise in perspective

Anna Bella Geiger & Laura Erber

The interweaving of video and photography in performance art in the 1970s contributed to the debate on identity, gender and the body, and brought to the fore works by female artists. In 1974, American theorist Rosalind Krauss proposed the psychoanalytical hypothesis that the speculative potential of video also includes the possibility of autoerotic exploitation. In […]

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One for all

Zanele Muholi & Bronwyn Law-Viljoen

The conventional wisdom regarding the relationship of the photographic image to politics is that the image is not the politics, but that its status as a political “object” is determined by other factors: modes of circulation, the visual networks into which it is inserted, and the thing or person or event it documents. This is […]

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Search for my face

Paz Errázuriz & Rosane Pavam

Coral dresses herself, item by item, in the corridor of the La Carlina brothel in Santiago, Chile, apparently unconcerned with who is watching her. The sequence of images shows a meticulous, assertive diva. All she had to do was to rest her left hand on her hip while standing at the brothel door for the […]

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True or false

Mauricio Puls

Part of reality To better understand this type of photograph, we should invoke the distinction between truth and righteousness drawn by the Christian philosopher St Anselm (c. 1033- 1109). According to him, the internal consistency and grammatical correctness of a verbal statement does not ensure that it is true: a coherent and well-argued proposition may […]

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Arthur Omar & Adolfo Montejo Navas

I. Arthur Omar visited Afghanistan in 2002 at the invitation of the 25th Bienal de São Paulo, which addressed the theme of contemporary cities. His mission was to reach the town of Bamiyan in the central region of the country and to bring back fragments of the huge statues of Buddha destroyed by the Taliban […]

Revista ZUM 11

Selfie Dance

Joan Fontcuberta & Martin Parr

For the Catalan artist JOAN FONTCUBERTA, the selfie signals a radical change in the concept of photography. Photographs by Martin Parr.   A TV COMMERCIAL for a new Samsung digital camera summed up in 60 seconds a phenomenon essay on the evolution of photography: a young woman is walking into the sea on a deserted beach. Suddenly, she […]

ZUM Magazine 10

Motoboy Channel

Antoni Abad & Daigo Oliva

More than a decade ago, the Spanish artist ANTONI ABAD started, an internet channel for socially-discriminated groups, such as taxi drivers in Mexico City, immigrants in New York and prostitutes in Madrid. For the Brazilian version, Abad gave mobile phones with cameras to São Paulo motorbike messengers – “motoboys” – so that they could […]

ZUM Magazine 10

A Matter of Skin

Lorna Roth

Shirley cards and the racial standards that rule the visual industry.    THE MULTIPLE visual identities of Shirley, the “color balance girl,” first came to my attention in 1995 after a conversation with a buyer and seller of industrial machines in North America. He complained about a Kodak photo-processing lab that he had purchased at the […]


Filmmaker Jorge Bodanzky interviews German photographer Michael Wesely

Jorge Bodanzky

Filmmaker, screenplay writer and photographer, Jorge Bodanzky, who directed the classic Iracema, and will open a retrospective show at MIS-SP in June 2016, had his photographic and super-8 archives bought by Instituto Moreira Salles.  For ZUM’s website, Bodanzky interviews German photographer Michael Wesely about his series Potsdamer Platz, published on ZUM #10. Destroyed after World War II, the square in Berlin […]

ZUM Magazine 10

A Certain Malaise

Lars Tunbjörk & Christian Caujolle

The Swedish LARS TUNBJÖRK was a master of colour and irony. In this tribute, ZUM presents the Office series and invites the critic CHRISTIAN CAUJOLLE to review the work and books of the photographer.  The Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk (1956-2015) began his career with black and white photography. In the late 1970s and early 80s, […]

ZUM Magazine 9

Solitary Bird

Graciela Iturbide & Dorrit Harazim

GRACIELA ITURBIDE’S lenses reveal a Mexico without clichés, in the slow pace of its indigenous culture, of desolate landscapes and of a unique surrealism. The grande dame of Mexican photography is in no hurry. At 73, Graciela Iturbide continues her journey through life without haste. She likes to lend from Pablo Picasso a phrase to […]

ZUM Magazine 9

On Photography

Ai Weiwei

Through photography and the internet, the artist showed his own life and challenged the censorship in his country. After being forbidden to leave China for four years, Weiwei regained the right to travel around the world last July. If we reflect on the history of photography, we realize it has been widely accepted as a […]

ZUM Magazine 9

Celso Garcia Avenue

Lucia Mindlin Loeb & Mauricio Puls

Scenes of this São Paulo avenue taken by LUCIA MINDLIN LOEB in 2004 and 2014 show the silent crumbling of the city. Closed shops, abandoned buildings, empty pavements. It is a melancholic journey to examine the photographs of Celso Garcia Avenue, which have been patiently collected by Lucia Mindlin Loeb. It is hard to believe that one of the major […]

ZUM Magazine 9

Works and days

Eduardo Viveiros de Castro

Taken during time off from his ethnographic research among the Araweté Indians in the early 1980s, anthropologist EDUARDO VIVEIROS DE CASTRO’s photographs, shown in the exhibition Variações do Corpo Selvagem [variations on the wild body] and edited by MIGUEL RIO BRANCO for ZUM, recorded a daily life marked by physical intimacy and material sobriety. All […]


A little boy lies face down on the beach

David Levi Strauss

A little boy lies face down on the beach, as if sleeping. He is dressed in a red shirt, blue pants, and sneakers, and his hair is neatly combed. He looks peaceful. Someone should wake him, before the sun burns his skin and the cold waves reach him. This image began appearing on Twitter and […]

ZUM Magazine 8

Why Photobooks are Important

Gerry Badger

Organizer of a collection on the history of the photobook, GERRY BADGER demonstrates how, with these publications, photography expresses its true creative potential: a literary and narrative art form, which lies between film and romance. In recent years, there has been a focus of attention upon the photobook – a particular kind of photography book, […]

ZUM Magazine 8

The Art of Correcting Reality

Teixeira Coelho

Brazil Today is a series of four postcards booklets with images altered by Regina Silveira in 1977: one is dedicated to natural scenes; the second, to cities; the third, to birds; and the fourth, to the native Indians of Brazil. These 24 cards show Brazil in 1977 – which is pretty well the same, four […]

ZUM Magazine 8

A.C. d’Ávila, Passenger of Luz

Pedro Afonso Vasquez

Amidst the urban squalor that permeated the city of São Paulo in the 1980s, the photographer and filmmaker A. C. D’ÁVILA documented the everyday life at Estação da Luz, a railway station built in the 19th century in the neighbourhood of Luz [“light”, in Portuguese] in São Paulo, which symbolises the splendour of the old […]

ZUM Magazine 8

Sebastião Salgado, a Man of Contradictions

Francisco Quinteiro Pires

With Genesis, his most ambitious project so far, dedicated to portraying regions of the planet that foster nature at its untouched form or groups of humans that are isolated from civilization, Sebastião Salgado has attained unprecedented visibility for a Brazilian photographer. His entrepreneurial sense has transformed ten years of work into books, exhibitions and a […]

ZUM Magazine 7

A Note on Vilém Flusser

Márcio Seligmann-Silva

Vilém Flusser was one of the most original philosophers of the second half of the 20th century. And it is only now that we are beginning to understand much of what he wrote in the 1980s. Born in 1920 in Prague, he took refuge in England in 1939. The following year he emigrated to Brazil, […]

ZUM Magazine 7

Where Did The Slave Quarters Go?

Mauricio Lissovsky

The new Brazilian edition of Gilberto Freyre’s classic book removed the slave quarters and the black slaves from its cover. Intrigued by the change, the history professor MAURICIO LISSOVSKY shows how the old slave quarters have lost their meaning of oppression and cruelty to become a place of enjoyment. The result of these shifts is […]

ZUM Magazine 7

Assis Horta’s Single Shot

Assis Horta & Dorrit Harazim

The nonagenarian photographer from Minas Gerais state immortalised the architectural heritage and the society of Diamantina. But his career got a new impulse in 1943, with the Labour Laws, promulgated by President Getúlio Vargas. When he made it compulsory for workers to have a work card with a photo, that was all that was needed […]

ZUM Magazine 6

At Home

Raul Garcez & Antonio Risério

RAUL GARCEZ (1949-1987) photographed the Várzea do Carmo housing estate, the oldest in São Paulo, between October 1979 and April 1980. His images recorded the intimacy of the residents in a rare combination of anthropological viewpoint and formal investigation.   The housing estate Várzea do Carmo was designed in 1942 by Attilio Corrêa Lima for the Industrial […]

ZUM Magazine 6

The Political Image

Luiz Camillo Osorio & Antonio Manuel

The different ways ANTONIO MANUEL uses photography in his work. IN HIS RECENT EXHIBITION at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (December 2013 to February 2014), Antonio Manuel showed two new installation works, one of which entitled Até que a imagem desapareça [until the image disappears]. For many years he focused only on […]

ZUM Magazine 6

Studio Malick

Malick Sidibé & Dorrit Harazim

For five decades, MALICK SIDIBÉ has been Mali’s unmistakable visual narrator. Still working from a simple studio, he has portrayed the effervescence of decolonization and a people rediscovering its identity. WHEN IT COMES TO MASTERS of portraiture, many renowned photographers come to mind, such as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Philippe Halsman, and many others. And there are […]

ZUM Magazine 5

The Last Trip

Chris Marker & Eduardo Escorel

French filmmaker CHRIS MARKER rides the Paris Metro in search of the faces of passengers. Chris Marker’s series of photographs Passengers, taken between 2008 and 2010, focuses on women, relegating men to the role of extras. Amongst the tired faces and bodies of these lone women on the Paris metro, the main characters are the sleeping […]

ZUM Magazine 5

Between Heaven and Hell

Alberto García-Alix & Cassiano Elek Machado

An eternal adventurer, the Spanish photographer ALBERTO GARCÍA-ALIX, who recorded the rebellious years of la movida madrileña, presents his new road companions Motorcycles arrived before photography in Alberto García-Alix’s life. He was 12 years old, not a sign of his trademark side-whiskers yet to be seen, when his parents gave him a yellow Ducati. The […]

ZUM Magazine 5

Pablo Escobar – The Album

James Mollison & Paulo Werneck

The British photographer and researcher James Mollison spent almost three years in colombian photography libraries and collections in search of the drug dealer. With images amassed from police collections and the principal newspapers, and from albums put together by his family and thugs, Mollison reconstructed Escobar’s life. The photographs reveal his public and private life, […]

ZUM Magazine 5

Free Fare

Cia de Foto & Eugênio Bucci

In an unpublished essay, made in Sao Paulo, CIA DE FOTO collective presents its own take on the demonstrations that took over the city during June 2013.   The boy’s bedroom window looked out over the jabuticaba trees, and as he was small, he could only gaze up through their branches from below. The window […]

ZUM Magazine 4

High Voltage

Garry Winogrand & Arthur Lubow

The pulse of the streets and postwar America in GARRY WINOGRAND’s teeming images When future historians try to retrieve the flavor and feel of the American sixties, an era that already seems legendary and remote, they will find no better resource than the photographs of Garry Winogrand. Other photographers supplied a fuller record of the […]

ZUM Magazine 4

The Guardian of History

Li Zhensheng & Dorrit Harazim

How a photographer for a provincial newspaper succeeded in documenting both the official and the hidden sides of Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution. Li Zhensheng was just over 25 years old when he made a decision which he kept secret for almost 40 years, unrevealed to those around him. Working patiently and methodically, he tempered fear […]

ZUM Magazine 4

São Paulo in Cutaway

André Cepeda & Agnaldo Farias

Em sua investigação obsessiva, que inclui novos pontos de vista, Cepeda subiu num prédio vizinho para construir a imagem de um arranha-céu sem limites, eficaz no modo como se impõe à massa liliputiana que lhe serve de fundo. O amarelo ganha a estridência própria à aplicação de mertiolate, e a paisagem urbana reduz-se a um conjunto revestido por uma pátina ferruginosa, da qual se eleva uma nuvem de poeira, bela como a atmosfera dos planetas inabitáveis.